Everyone has dreams of seeing success that gaming streamers such as Ninja or PewDiePie see, but a lot of us do not have a clue how to get there. How do you build a gaming empire amid stiff competition? The answer is not as simple as a quick how-to-guide, instead expect to dedicate a lot of time and passion into this career. If you want to make it in this industry, you’ll need this passion in abundance. A passion for your audience, gaming, and for the skill required to be the best are just some of the areas you’ll need to cover.

1. Consistency

To build up a strong fanbase online you will need to be consistent. Some of the most popular Twitch streamers such as Adin Ross stream everyday, and they’ve stuck to that schedule for years. However, you do not need to stream everyday to see success. Create a schedule that lets your audience know when you’ll be online, and they’ll flock to those dates. It is important to stick to your schedule once you’ve promised it, as any deviation may cause you to lose the momentum of your buzz online.

2. Social Media

In an online industry, social media plays a massive part in marketing and connecting with your audience. Consider clipping your best moments down to smaller formats that could be used as Instagram reels or TikToks. Like creating a schedule, you need to be consistent with your uploads to ensure steady growth. Producing music on the side is an excellent way to fill in any dead space in your upload schedule, and ensuring that music has a popular buzz is also important. If you want to give your music a little boost in numbers, then it is possible to buy soundcloud likes with paypal through sites such as Popularity Bazaar.

3. Collaboration

Another way to create buzz and gain exposure is through collaboration with other established streamers. Collaboration has become an increasingly popular method to go viral and continue growing, and the collaborations do not have to be limited to streamers. Adin Ross’ audience typically consists of Hip Hop fans with his growth through NBA 2K, so in a stroke of marketing genius he began to stream with rappers. These streams with artists such as Blueface, Ski Mask the Slump God, and many others generated viral moments like a well oiled machine.

4. Improved Content

After you’ve begun to generate a following, failing to improve your gear and conditions may lead to you losing that audience. With a larger following your audience will expect bigger production values and quality through their continued support. Soundproofing your room and investing in high-quality sound equipment is a must once you have the funds. It is important not to have your streams hindered by technical limitations as your audience may not begin to trust you as a streamer. Losing out on a night’s income due to a computer failure is not acceptable in a job such as this.

5. Engage With Your Audience

It is crucial that you foster a close relationship with your audience, chat with them and get to know regulars in the chat. By doing this you show that you care about your audience and care about being genuine to them. Neglecting your audience and just seeing them as a number in your growth is where many streamers failed once they hit it big. Keep your ego in check and remain humble and kind to the ones who make or break your career. A viewbase can flip on a whim, and that is something you’ll need to be careful of.

6. Trends

You’ll need to play the game (literally) if you want to continue seeing a high viewership and busy livestreams, and to do this you need to research what your competition is doing and what is trendy. Finding a trendy game, or current challenge, is the best way to cash in on that current wave and add to your audience. Internet trends come and go at an alarming rate, therefore, you need to strike while the iron is hot. Quickly jumping on a busy server and playing a few rounds of a popular game is an easy way to do this.

7. Giveaways

Once you’ve earned yourself a pretty penny from your online streams, investing some of this money into a giveaway is an excellent way to cultivate an audience. Consider offering up a cash giveaway, or buying an expensive piece of equipment to give away on stream. Giveaways create a sense of imminency and increase demand for your stream; many online streamers have built entire careers from offering giveaways every week. Giveaways also further your relationship with your audience because of the closer connection your audience forms after an act of generosity.