Canada is renowned around the world for having a fun-loving and highly educated population. Millions of its inhabitants from all backgrounds enjoy playing diverse games when seeking entertainment. Such games can range from casual mobile games that can be enjoyed in short bursts (e.g., when taking a break from work or waiting for public transport) to playing online team games at a competitive level. 

Canadian adults also enjoy visiting online casinos; millions will play at a range of online sites each year. In addition, pro gaming has become an established part of the wider Canadian entertainment culture. It is a growing spectator sport, with fans watching their favorite pro teams compete on an international scale. In this article, there will be a deep dive into Canadian gaming culture, focusing on adult forms of gaming, the rise of mobile gaming, and watching the streams of pro gamers. 

Adult gaming options in Canada

Gambling in many forms is both legal and popular with the adult Canadian population. Betting on sporting events, such as key ice hockey matches, is popular with Canadians, as is betting on the Stanley Cup (which, surprisingly, the Canadians have not won since 1993). However, a form of adult gaming that continues to increase in popularity is visiting online casinos. Today, Canadian adults can visit (Ontario), where they can enjoy a wealth of exciting games in a safe and regulated professional environment. 

Canadians enjoy playing card games such as blackjack, baccarat, and poker. These games are heavily featured in online casinos, offering a playing experience like a high-class brick-and-mortar establishment. In addition, the advent of live dealer games (where a human dealer controls the flow of the games in real time) has proven to be incredibly popular with Canadians. In such games, polite conversation between the dealer and other players is welcomed and a friendly playing atmosphere is created.

Mobile gaming is becoming increasingly popular

In a country where 23 million people use their smartphones for gaming, it is little surprise to note that mobile gaming forms a key part of the wider digital entertainment culture. Two of the most popular mobile games in Canada are Monopoly Go and Candy Crush Saga. These types of games are intended for the casual gaming market and can be played for short periods in between other activities. 

Casual mobile gaming appeals to all spectrums of the population and is an increasingly popular form of entertainment for millions of Canadians, who enjoy on-demand gaming in short bursts. The mobile phone is an ideal platform for such games. The device is typically carried around on a person throughout the day and many games can be enjoyed without needing to be connected to the internet. 

However, Canada has also invested heavily in the 5G mobile network, which allows millions of residents to enjoy super-fast internet access and the ability to play online mobile games without delay or lag. The 5G network will likely continue to be rolled out across the country, with less populated areas having access to this technology soon. In short, Canada has the digital infrastructure to support many forms of mobile gaming that are enjoyed by its population.

Watching pro gaming streams

Finally, eSports plays a prominent role in the overall gaming industry within Canada. With competitive online gaming being enjoyed by millions of Canadians, it is little surprise to note that the country has a healthy eSports sector and is home to several pro teams. While only a small proportion of the population plays eSports at a professional level, millions of Canadians enjoy this form of gaming as a spectator sport. Streaming gaming channels such as Twitch will regularly broadcast some of the world’s top tournaments. These include soccer action from EA FC 24 and FPS matches on Counterstrike. These matches are viewed by millions of Canadians, forming an important part of the country’s gaming culture.