PC games is the new trend of the upcoming year 2021. It is the most preferred type of game that has emerged during recent times due to the great games in this field. So we have jotted down the top ten PC Games that you must try in the year 2021.

Hades is now lined up on other platforms after hiding inside the Epic Games PC Games Store as its exclusive title for early access since the end of 2018. A rare blend of a rogue game and a full branched story. You must continue to fight through, playing as the character of Hades until you enter Mount Olympus.

Horizon Zero Dawn
Oddly, you didn’t play it (if you have a PS4 too), and because this release appears with all your DLC sets, this open-world adventure is no better method to experience it. After an unexplained apocalyptic incident in the United States, people try to survive peacefully amid armies of animal robots roaming the lands. Yet you are compelled to do bigger things as the outcast, Aloy.

Persona 4 
Following the 2008 recreation of JRPG, the enlarged “Golden” version of this game can now be played on a PC, adding a new generation of players with the popular PlayStation series. As a student of high school, you spend the year residing in the Inaba city and struggling to battle the Shadows with your peers, using “People” as embodiments of the inner self, which are as powerful as the weapons.

Microsoft Flight Simulator
There are few games in which you can play the entire world, but Microsoft’s new flight sim shows that with both a spectacular size and an in-depth hangar for pilots.
You can choose either light aircraft or big passenger jets to play as a lone amateur fighter or a commercial flight captain. The game promises to accurately model their air characteristics, which are impacted by actual weather and daylight effects, so it will be hard to understand better flying one of the machines without going into real life.
You can also take care of the challenging things during your jumping time, seeing landmarks worldwide and touching down at one of the many informative airports. You can tuck into any spot and power of your airport.

Streets of Rage 4
After a long period of silence, this game is a combination of up to 4 players, taking on the mantle of the classic 1990s Sega franchise and fighting a thugs army, which wants to save a group of wicked twins. It is a jump back to the classic arcade, but with a lot of fresh polish, which means newcomers are as happy as the professional supporters are.
Like a good warrior, your chosen person has a big list of particular movements, so be sure to make use of these movements if you use them carefully. The play’s juggling method helps you play some very fancy combos for mechanic fenders if you practice it.

The Outer Worlds
After decades of losing your way to a far-flung colony, the Board is a collective of all-powerful businesses that govern everything people live on. You will find that life has gone on without you. When travelling between the various outposts, the companions with their own stories have to walk or charm their way to the centre of influence.

Are you going to find a place in the organization’s hierarchy, or are you going to become a guerrilla antitrust? The game allows you to make several small choices, with many ways to achieve your goal, so you are never stuck regardless of your option. The Outer Worlds is undoubtedly one of the best PC games that you can play with a fun-filled aesthetic and amusing yet insightful prose.

The Stealth games typically give only one to two ways to sneak through the environment. Wildfire allows you to sneak around the environment as only one of the few uncommon ways to get past your attackers, whether alone or with the cooperative partner.
When playing as the witch, a struck meteor gave firepower. You create skills with RPG-style and other traditional elements to ban invading troops from your country, rescuing the villagers simultaneously.

Ori & the Will of the Wisps
This series of the previous version of the original gameplay of “Metroidvania” style – investigating every angle of a great world that gathers different powers and abilities, but with new refinements and combinations of gameplay and a different story just as emotional. Unlike several Metroidvania games populated by you and everyone you want to destroy, you will also find lots of helpful NPCs. They will send you your journeys and further help you contextualize and protect the environment.

You may know of the XCOM series, that reboots you & your team of great soldiers from an invading extraterrestrial army. It is a relatively conventional set of tactics before the Chimera Squad was introduced. The foreign attack is finished, and people, aliens, and mixtures of both now live in peace, apart from the revolution you have to overcome.

Disco Elysium
You’re a city detective and experience as many problems as the city itself, which includes an unfortunate amnesia fight. If you & your more secure partner from the following area are detected hanging from a tree, it is your fault.

To hit the root of the crime, you will use your brain or brawn to boost your abilities and gain new excitement, depending on what thoughts you are pursuing or discarding. Maximum of these are not your traditional fighting skills but with unique skills such as pain tolerance, which influence how you deal with situations. In the end, you will end up either as a gain for the power of shame by breaking and connections with the factions of the game as you strive to find the mystery.

So these were some of the games that you can enjoy this year, but if you prefer more classical games like super mario bros, then you might want to check out this list of the best classic NES games. You can dig up for more great PC games and choose them as per your preferences. So start searching and play your favourite game.