Skins in Counter-Strike are very popular because they can bring such aesthetic pleasure. Users are always hunting for beautiful and colorful ones. They analyze demand and prices for knife and pistol skins, especially p90 skins.

However, not all users know which skins are worth paying attention to. Below, you can find interesting and popular P90 skins that are searched for and bought by users from all over the world.

P90 | Death by Kitty

The Death by Kitty skin is one of the most expensive skins for the P90. The drawing is interesting because it depicts multicolored cat skulls, not some lines or geometric shapes. However, although you might think that the image of a skull can look creepy, the skin is very cute and cartoon-like.

The skin is almost entirely covered with paint, but there are some elements (magazine, sight, and fuse) that are paintless.

The skin cost varies:

  • from $45 for Minimal Wear;

  • from $33 for Field-Tested.

It is worth noting that the leather loses its color after prolonged use, which affects the look.

P90 | Shallow Grave

P90 | Shallow Grave is a budget skin (price starts at $1.38) but it can’t be called banal. The drawing consists of interesting details that together create a single and complete picture. Stones are depicted on the handles, and on the butt, you can see the image of a skeleton. Some parts remain in the standard black color.

If you pay attention to paint wear, you can barely notice any major flaws in the Well-Worn exterior. There are also no major scratches or abrasions to be seen. The only thing you can see is the darkening of the surface of the entire skin (if you see it alongside the Factory New exterior). That’s why, even in the Battle-Scarred exterior, it remains in good condition.

P90 | Shapewood

On P90 | Shapewood you can see many wooden parts. However, this is not just a piece of wood. It seems to have been well-processed, cleaned, and coated with a special varnish. The other part of the skin is coated with a special black anti-corrosion paint.

Overall, the skin remains in good condition. There are no major scratches or loss of quality to be seen on a Well-Worn exterior. Even if compared with the Factory New exterior, the user will not notice any major shortcomings. Only if we talk about Battle-Scarred, on some metal parts of the skin, the paint may fade a little.

The cost of the skin is from $1.28.

P90 | Cold Blooded

P90 | Cold Blooded belongs to a fairly expensive category, so this option cannot be classified as budget. With a Factory New exterior, it costs from $52.

This is another interesting option, because red paint has been applied to the body as a background, and a snake is depicted on top. This skin only has two exteriors (Factory New and Minimal Wear). This makes it very difficult to tell the difference between the exteriors. With some wear, some scuffs can be seen, but this does not prevent the skin from being a very desirable item.

P90 | Trigon

P90 | Trigon is in the mid-price category ($6.77). On its surface, you can see different geometric patterns of red, orange, and black scattered throughout the body. Gray and blue colors can be seen in the background.

The initial exterior of the skin is Minimal Wear, so it is not entirely clear what the skin originally looked like. In general, large abrasions are not visible, because the dark background hides all the imperfections of the skin, and the bright patterns attract attention and take the eye away from scratches.

P90 | Chopper

Of the entire list, this is the most budget-friendly option. Minimum cost: $0.37. The design here is also interesting since the blue and orange colors are in contrast, which makes the skin look very bright. The combination of colors creates the silhouette of a fire flame.

When worn, the paint is practically not lost, and only in some parts is the absence of a pattern noticed. Therefore, it is very difficult to find enough differences between the Factory New and Battle-Scarred exteriors that will discourage you from buying this skin.

As you can see, there are many skins for this type of weapon. Moreover, they are distinguished by their colorful and original designs. The main thing is to choose according to your taste and financial capabilities.