Real-Time fashion and video games have become synonyms in the sense that both seem to be dependent on each other for one reason or another. Of late, the fashion industry has been highly dependent on the characters from video games. According to CyberGhost’s piece, the journey and the relationship between fashion and video games have been long. It has been instrumental in shaping the ways and methods fashion is viewed and consumed in the present day and time. 

Mario, Sonic, and Pac-Man are some of the characters that have managed to gain success as beloved game icons and fashion icons. Many such characters’ distinctive, unique, and easily recognizable outfits can be found in many people’s wardrobes. Many outfits and designs can be found, thereby recognized easily and adapted on the go, symbolizing the acceptability of these characters not only in the fashion world but also by the common man. Mario’s red cap and Sonic’s iconic red shoes are some of examples. 

Evolution of Video Games and the Fashion Influence

As video games started to evolve, the players found ways to express themselves through fashion. With the introduction of Role-Playing Games, called RPGs, players were allowed to customize their avatars using different clothing and accessories. The customization factor proved helpful in several ways: one, it enhanced the gameplay, and second, it laid down the basis for the connection between personal style and gaming. 

When it comes to bridging the divides between fashion and gaming, Japan has played an important role in bridging this gap since many famous gaming franchises happen to be from Japan. Some notable ones are Final Fantasy, Zelda, Resident Evil, and Pokémon. Owing to their distinctive styled characters, these games happened to have a great influence on the global fashion scene. 

Towards the end of the 20th century, a new gaming culture came to the fore. This gaming culture was accomplished by setting its own fashion trends. Graphic-heavy T-shirts featuring the images of favorite games and avatars made their way, thereby giving a new lease to the relationship between fashion and gaming. However, it has to be kept in mind that the integration between the two, fashion and gaming, is not a one-off incident but is the outcome of an organic process wherein the players gradually showcase their love towards gaming through their choice of clothes. 

The introduction of the gaming magazine in the late 20th century, which became a source of news and entertainment for gamers, also provided insight into gaming merchandise. These magazines also carried apparel and accessories related to gaming. The introduction of the magazine to gaming made it integrate fashion and reach a wider audience. 


It has come to the fore that fashion and gaming are two sides of the same coin. In the present age and time, such has been the dependency on one another that either can’t think of moving ahead without leaving the other one behind. The process of the fusion between the two was gradual, but with each passing day, the bond kept growing stronger and stronger, thereby reaching a level where both seemed to be interconnected.