The gaming world has seen a tremendous change in recent times, and there is a lot of development in the games and their quality. The new generation has chosen the gaming world as their career and is growing rapidly. During the year 2020 when the Corona Virus hit the entire world, the gaming world started growing at an incredible pace, and the likings for the PC gaming started growing among the youngsters as well as the grown-ups. It has become the source of great stress busters for all, and you can have a great time playing them. In this article, we have listed down some trends of PC gaming that you must watch out for in the year 2021 and which will entirely change the PC gaming industry. So read and find out.

Arnold Su, Asus Business Head, also identified this requirement and said that the company plans to develop devices that help gaming and work.
These devices, laptop and desktop, are now on the market and soon become the favourite gaming machines for thousands of years’ gamers—the best of both worlds.

Online Streaming of Games
Netflix-like subscription cloud-based games are becoming a favourite amongst users who don’t really like hardware, although they don’t want to jeopardize their gaming experience anymore. Google’s Stadia and Apple’s Arcade are the most famous examples of cloud gaming.
Smartphone, desktop, laptop, tablet, computer, or even TV are the most immersive cloud-based gaming experiences on any device. Users can use the same account to log on from their browsers on their desktop or mobile phones to enjoy the game at home or on the go.
Besides Apple and Google, our desire for a cloud-based is GeForce Now or PlayStation Now and the project cloud.

Hybrid Gaming Hardware
While there are gaming-oriented products like Asus Strix and ROG, HP’s Omen, Acer’s Predator and more, the recent lockdowns have led to a situation where many people are forced to work or study remotely to purchase equipment for remote work. To meet these users, brands are equipped with hybrid devices which are useful and powerful enough for users to experience the best in the class.

VR GamingThe extreme level of immersive playfulness is Virtual Reality gaming. In the meantime, most of the hardware costs and the space needed to play the games were limited by the acceptance of vr gaming. But cloud-based VR Gaming can democratize VR gaming by allowing people to enjoy VR games even on average specs of their systems, thanks to powerful cloud gaming servers and low latency networks. The gold standard of computing and gaming solutions can be considered, which can serve the most demands at no extra cost.

Local Content
The position of content was the motto in the last couple of years. We saw Internet access becoming accessible and open to the public with the introduction of 4G. No more basic requirements for Internet access were English or even Hindi knowledge. Similarly, the emphasis on content localization is expected to shift in gaming.

The users are still busy in metro and major cities with Red Dead Salvation 2, Assassin’s faith, or metro migration, etc., the users in smaller cities prefer content they can relate to. It will contribute to strong demand for local content all the time.
The new lockdowns saw considerable rises in user base and were downloaded into millions of smartphone arcade games like Ludo, Carrom, Snakes & ladders etc. Likewise, localized PC gaming content will be highly successful with more and more developers looking to build games based on local preference.

Open-Source Development of Games
The game industry is dominated mainly by colossal AAA game developers or smaller firms, so it is tough to enter the industry alone. But all this will go away as new technologies are created to minimize the value of the concept of a software development kit.
It helps independent game developers or lone wolves to publish their games.

Socially Engaging VR Games
Virtual reality is also viewed as a device that isolates players from others. The future of gaming technology will, however, transform games into virtual space instead of playing alone.
We look forward to seeing many new innovative approaches for communicating with people who use virtual technologies. Games like VRCchat have already progressed this theory, and we might see it as our current reality in a matter of months.

Return of Consoles
In the 2000s, when you had a handheld gaming computer, you were a total game lover. However, before the Nintendo Switch came out and people loved it, we had no such consoles. Also, mobile gaming is rising massively. Smartphones are now compelling so that they can run more complex games than before.
All this means that gaming companies are beginning to build portable consoles once again. What they would do with new technology today will be fantastic.

Cloud GamingThere’s nothing new behind Cloud Gaming. Indeed, a few years ago, Google launched Stadia, and the answer is a game-changer. We will nevertheless see PCs and consoles in the future, which will continue to accept cloud gaming.In essence, you can play any game you want on your computer via a live stream. So you can have a low-power PC, but can still play the new games since they operate on high-performance servers worldwide. Also, no updates are waiting because all games are updated.It will be an enormous hit for companies that manufacture computer game pieces.

Final Words
So these are some of the trends of the PC gaming that you must indeed watch in the year 2021. These upcoming trends will change the entire PC gaming world, and there will be a lot of likings among the younger generation for the PC games. These games will not only be liked by the newcomers but also by the adults. Therefore with the upcoming trends in PC gaming, there will be a revolution of great PC games and this trend will grow for the infinite period of time.