As we see a huge shift towards fairer working conditions for our many workforces all over the world that put the hours in for many of their companies to provide us with the majority of the services and products that we buy on a daily basis. It seems that some companies are wanting to push this idea further by providing their staff with high-end social spaces and gaming rooms where they can really take some time to themselves when they are on breaks or before and after a shift.  

It is so nice to see so many big industry names taking these steps to ensure that their workforce is looked after properly and that any time they spend working hard for their company is properly rewarded. Gaming rooms are just the start of this battle to create positive spaces in the workplace, with pay rates increasing to become more acceptable and to help provide so many hard-working individuals with the rate of pay and the work experience that they deserve. In recent news there have been a number of cases where workers have appealed for compensation regarding their treatment and their pay rate, suggesting that it is not appropriate for the level of work that they do. 

As the appeal continues and workers compensation leads are being searched for it is nice to see some companies going the extra mile for their staff during these times where negative staff treatment is no longer being tolerated. Below are a number of companies who have made this effort and the one thing that I can say is that I hope more companies follow suit with this new initiative.  


Sony was one of the first tech companies to unveil their new social spaces and gaming rooms dedicated to their hard-working head forces within many of their worldwide headquarters. It makes sense for Sony to do something like this as gaming and technology are a huge part of their enterprise, so it is likely that while they are doing a nice thing for their staff there is also an element of product testing to this initiative and its implementation.  

However, this doesn’t take away from the sentiment and in a general statement from a select few members of Sony’s staff, the unveiling of these new relaxation spaces was very well received. It has been a mantra of Sony that the happiness of the workforce is paramount to the business success and the fact that Sony is doing so well within the technology industry just shows how effective it can be to treat your staff with respect and to give them the rewards they deserve when they work so hard to maintain a business.  


Another company that has implemented high-end gaming and relaxation spaces within their business premises are Google, this should come as no surprise but Google is a very technologically advanced business and the tech they implement within their offices is no exception. Google recently revealed a few pictures of their new gaming rooms and the futuristic lighting and design quality that has been used is exceptionally done. The fact that Google has gone above and beyond in terms of the design and quality of the gaming rooms they want to give to their staff just shows how much the company cares about the hard-working individuals who dedicate their time every day to building such a huge company.


The final company on this list that has also taken the time to give their staff the gift of some luxury social spaces and gaming rooms within their premises would have to be Microsoft. Microsoft is known for their proper treatment of their workforce from their yearly charity donations on behalf of each staff member to their high-quality insurance and pension schemes, Microsoft really knows how to keep their workers happy so that they can keep up the hard work with growing Microsoft into the huge industry giant that it is today. The gaming rooms, in particular, are very advanced and equipped with the latest consoles and plenty of controllers so that each staff member can join in for some huge group gaming sessions whenever they want to.