Warframe is one of those games that has a permanent presence in the gaming community. Despite being released in 2013, it still receives frequent updates and boasts a massive concurrent player base. In March of this year, it has 83 thousand active players at its peak. As most gamers know, for a game to have been around this long and still be as popular as this is impressive.

This can be attributed largely to the love and care the developers provide to the game and the fans. They are actively engaged in the community, taking on feedback and offering constant support. And the updates for the game are always timely and full of content. A rarity for online games such as this.

But Warframe itself is not a game for the faint of heart. While it is very accessible, it also boasts a high skill ceiling and a tough learning curve. Warframe has built itself on the back of its competitive community. Always working to be the best at a certain raid or becoming a PvP master. We spoke to some of the best Warframe players and put together a guide on how to improve your Warframe skillset.

Study the Game

Before you do anything you need to be informed. Gaming, like any sport, takes more than just pure talent. It takes knowledge and insight. That’s why the pros recommend actively engaging with the meta-game scene. You should hang out on the forums, reading tips from other players, and seeing what builds are dominating right now. Things like this warframe tier list are a great way to keep up with the latest metagame.

You will also want to study up how to better play the game physically. Mastering a game’s controls isn’t always as simple as you might think. There are a lot of tips and tricks out there for stepping up your game. Stop/starting tactics are great for getting an edge in a 1v1 PvP fight.

Physical Exercise

Any E-Sports pro will tell you this; exercise is an important part of gaming. The stereotype that gamers are fat and lazy is so far from the truth. Pro players are like any athlete. The body and mind are connected. So if you want to perform like a pro you need to get yourself physically fit too. A regular exercise regime, with an emphasis on cardio, will drastically improve your overall gaming performance. Especially for a fast-paced game such as Warframe.

You can also do some exercise to improve reaction speed as well. Things like flipping a coin through your fingers are a fantastic way to do this. Diet is also important. Lots of fruits, veg and high-protein foods to replace the energy spent while working out. Not to mention these foods are fantastic for concentration and energy levels. Not to mention the positive impact they have on the human brain. Remember, no pain no gain.

Log a Lot of Playtime

Research and exercise can only take you so far. The purest way to improve at Warframe, as with any game, is to play it. And not just casually. If you want to reach pro levels you need to play like a pro. You need to start thinking of the game less as a game and more as a commitment.

A good starting point is to log 4-5 hours a day of training. This means logging on, either alone or with your playgroup, and getting right into it. If you are big on PvP then we recommend you log most of your playtime in this area. Its important while training to make a note of where you go wrong. We highly recommend you record your play sessions so you can watch them back later to pay attention to what went wrong and why. Then you can focus on the areas you are weakest in.

If you play with a team, make sure you communicate and discuss where you can improve as a whole. And it’s important that you don’t blame each other for failures. Instead, see them as a chance to improve as a unit and build each other up.