Among the most challenging and demanding survival games on the market, Rust is getting more popular day by day. Forget beginners even the veterans of survival games might find the game a bit too much. That is saying something as the game has been around for some time now. Sure, the game is creative, but it is extremely brutal at the same time as well. And not being able to trust anyone in the game is the worst part ever. No one is your friend; in fact, if one is trying to be, they are likely waiting for you to drop your guard later so that they can easily take you out. So, what can you do? Well, follow the below-listed best Rust cheats from Sidegamer, obviously.

1. Stay away from the overcrowded servers.

The first mistake anyone can make in the world of Rust is just by selecting the game server itself. Yes, it might seem a bit weird to you, but your success and failure are decided by the first decision you make after you boot up the game. In Rust, you would be given an option to choose the server of your choice to play your game. This is good because you can select your preferred server and play with your friends. It can easily be your undoing if you are actually not careful,.

It would always be the best to steer clear of it if you see a crowded server in the game,. It is very likely that it is filled with more experienced players of the game. It will be wiser if you opt for a less crowded server to avoid making the game harder for yourself.

2. Focus on weapons

Even if you find yourself on a less crowded server, it does not mean the game will be smooth sailing for you from then on. Rust can be described in many ways, but easy is unfortunately not one of them.  You need to make weapons your number one priority to have any hopes of survival in the game. And the very first weapon you need to focus on is the spear.

A spear is a beginner’s best friend. Not only is it a tool that does not take much to craft, both resource-wise and in terms of time consumption, but it is also a highly versatile weapon. One can use the spear to not only build their base but also to fight off the enemy players as well. Sure, you can upgrade to better weapons later in the game, but a spear is ideal for the start.

3. Find a secluded spot far away from the traffic locations. 

One thing that you must immediately do during your Rust gameplay is to find a secluded spot far away from any traffic on the map. This is because that is the place you would choose for respawning. In Rust, every player has a sleeping bag which in a way works as a homing signal. Protecting it is extremely useful, especially if you do not want the enemy players to destroy your sleeping bag.

4. Do not hide every item in one location.

A smart thing you can do in the game of Rust is to hide all your items in different locations. Yes, it might seem hectic, but it can have a considerable advantage if your so-called ally in the game ever betrays you. In fact, you should half expect it to happen.

Since it is inevitable, why not hide your items in different locations so that you do not have to start from the bottom of the barrel.

5. Cook your food – but only in the daytime

Naturally, you would need fire to cook the meat you have at your disposal. Now, the night might seem the best time to do so as you would be low on your health and are just waiting to relax, but that is, in fact, not the wisest course of action. Cooking at night can easily attract other players to your location. And since they would be coming at you from the dark, you would not even be able to spot them.

So, cooking your food at night is a lose-lose situation, and it would be best if you avoid doing so.