Video games have gained a reputation of being based on violence and unhealthy competition. Though violent themes have always been at the heart of a lot of the popular games that we have all come to love, it is not fair to say that all games follow this same theme. Another very popular genre of game that we have all come to move is building-based games. These games give us the chance to kick back and enjoy a relaxing game based on creation, but what are the best building-based games available on PC right now? 


Minecraft is arguably the most popular building game out there. This game has had an impact in the formative years of most of our lives and so many of us hold a nostalgic appreciation for the game. There are no limitations on what you are able to create in Minecraft, which is one of the reasons that the game has continued to be so popular as the years have gone on.  


This Indie game does not have the same popularity as many on the list, but if you have ever been lucky enough to play it, then you will know just how enjoyable it is. This game consists of trying to survive in a zombie ravished world while collecting materials to build a safe base and also seeking out food to ensure that you stay alive.  This building game is so popular due to the evolution that it has seen. It started off with the user only being able to create basic walls and floors and from there you can now craft almost every possible item of furniture.  


For the last couple of years, it has seemed impossible to be able to escape the popularity that Fortnite has had.  Though it is known as a PVP game, the aspect of the game that makes it so distinguishable from other games on the market is the fact that building is such a big part of the gameplay.  Without the building element of the game, Fortnite would not have the same charm that has made it so popular among gamers. Being able to build completely revolutionizes the way that the combat in the game functions, as being able to build to avoid your enemy makes it all the more exciting. 


Though this is not a game dedicated to building, there are plenty of servers that you can go for if you have a built-in mind. Unlike many of the other servers that you can choose to play on in the game, you will be glad to know that for building servers you will not need to use Robux. However, some of the servers that you enjoy do appreciate the occasional donation. If you want to donate to the servers but don’t have the money to do so, you could always donate from the free robux website, as this will cost you nothing but support the servers that you love.  


Banished is a game that has had a following for some time now.  The premise of the game is that you start off with a settlement and have to try and improve their surroundings, build homes and evolve the civilization. This is popular for people who enjoy the creation process but do not necessarily have an artistic attachment to the building. If you are someone that enjoys working with limited resources for a more realistic feel, then you will love banished.  

The Sims 

The Sims is a classic game in the world of building games. Not only can you create your own personal house in sims, but you can also build an entire city. The sims have a cult following and are loved due to just how advanced the customization of the homes is. You can essentially imitate any building that you desire to. 

 Planet Zoo 

If you love animals and building, then you are bound to love planet zoo. This game allows you to completely design and build your own zoo in which you can house a large variety of animals. You can design it in any way you wish and you can really live out your zoo owner fantasies.