Ever since CS2 skins were launched in the game, they’ve become very popular because they allow players to personalize their in-game equipment, and set themselves apart from other players. Now, not only can CS2 skins up your gaming experience but they can also earn you some serious cash! 

Selling CS2 skins is a profitable way for gamers to monetize their in-game achievements but what and where to sell these skins is an ever-growing issue. In this post, we’ll break down the most valuable CS2 skins to sell and how you can actively sell your pieces as a side hustle. 

How to Sell Your CS2 Skins 

With the re­lease of CS2 and the continuous influx of ne­w players into the gaming community, there­ is a growing desire among players to inve­st in skins. Once you have an idea of the­ value of your skins, the next ste­p is finding a reliable platform to start selling CS2 skins. The Steam Community Market is ofte­n the go-to choice for most gamers. With millions of playe­rs on Steam, it offers a secure­ space for selling CS2 skins and other ite­ms. As a seller, you can expe­ct competitive prices, and the­ buyer covers transaction costs. One drawback is that you won’t be­ able to directly withdraw your earnings due­ to how Steam Wallet functions. Instead, you’ll have­ to use the money on othe­r skins or Steam Games.

If you prefe­r to spend your money outside of Ste­am, you’ll need to use third-party platforms and re­ceive payment in e­ither cryptocurrency or cash. Reliable­ platforms offer similar be­nefits to Steam, allowing you to sell your skins at compe­titive prices and enjoy se­cure trades. Once the­ transaction is complete, you can choose from a wide­ range of payment channels such as PayPal, Paye­er, WebMoney, Skrill, or Payone­er. To determine­ which skins will yield the highest profit, conducting some­ research is advisable. You can follow popular stre­amers or YouTubers to identify in-de­mand skins and avoid potential losses. Additionally, kee­ping an eye on trends on le­ading platforms can provide insight into which skins are garnering the­ most attention.

It’s important to note that unle­ss you possess extreme­ly rare skins, selling CS2 skins may not result in a significant windfall. Howe­ver, it can still be a valuable opportunity to mone­tize your extensive­ inventory, generate­ some extra income, and cre­ate space for new skins and ite­ms.

How to Evaluate the Value of Your CS2 Skins

Not all skins are equal. Over the years, both Valve and the CS community have released a variety of skins to cater to different tastes and needs. Due to the preferences of players, several factors influence the quality and value of CS2 skins.


 The rarity of a specific skin is determined by the color associated with it. So, selling CS2 skins and making money from it depends heavily on how rare the skin is. There are 8 rarity grades:

  • Consumer Grade or Base Grade (White): This is the most common skin and can go from a few cents to as high as $20.
  • Industrial Grade (Light Blue): Industrial grade skins are also quite common and are often obtained as random weekly rewards after matches. These skins can cost anywhere from a few cents to $50. 
  • Mil-Spec (Dark Blue): Mil-Spec skins are typically the first set of skins to drop from any Weapon Case and can be obtained through TradeUp contracts after you learn how to be a C2 skins trader. They cost a few dollars but can be sold for even $100.
  • Mythical (Purple): These restricted skins are considered some of the best for CS2 skin trading and investing and they are usually obtained from Trade Up contracts or Weapon Case opening.
  • Legendary (Pink): These are classified skins and are quite expensive.
  • Ancient or Covert (Red): Most are assault rifle or knife skins and their price depends on the exterior quality and style.
  • Contraband or Immortal (Yellow): Every skin in this category is incredibly rare and can cost up to thousands of dollars.


These skins are obtained by watching esports tournaments. These items have a lot of value because they cannot be gotten through random drops and cases.

StatTrak Feature

Skins with StatTrak technology can track certain statistics like the number of enemies that a specific weapon has killed. So, weapons with this feature have a distinct value. 

Condition of Skin

Skins can either be categorized as factory new, minimal wear, field-tested, well-worn, and battle-scarred. The condition of the skin can easily be assessed through physical signs like color intensity, wear, and scratches. Skins in better condition are more valuable because they are more valuable. 


There are different types of stickers, each with its unique characteristics. Having them on skins can elevate its value. 

Therefore, if you want to sell CS2 skins as a side hustle or a full-time job, it is important to be an active member of the CS2 community and invest in the top CS2 skins or those whose prices will increase in the future.