Cryptocurrency is gaining more and more popularity in today’s world of technology. The convenience, speed, and security of crypto transactions facilitate this. Central banks of countries do not regulate digital money. The course is formed in the market way and is not directly related to the economy of any country. Cryptocurrency exchange takes place directly, i.e., without the involvement of a third party. Each of the exchange participants is equal and can expect complete anonymity.

USDC Stablecoin and Its Features

USDC (USD Coin) is one of the most widespread crypto coins nowadays. It is involved in a variety of cryptocurrency transactions. Many people swap USDC to ETH, BTC to USDC, USDT to USDC, etc., to make a profit. And practice shows that this is a profitable exchange since USDC belongs to the category of stablecoins and is pegged to the dollar.

Coins are held in segregated accounts at financial institutions regulated by the US authorities. Independent accounting firms certify such accounts (that is, officially confirmed). But USDC does not require a bank account, unlike the regular US dollar. Thus, the user does not need to live in any particular country. Sending coins is possible worldwide at a low cost and in just a few minutes.

What Is Special About NEAR?

Despite the high prevalence of USD Coin and its unique features, many traders exchange USDC to NEAR as they consider it more beneficial. NEAR is the native token of the NEAR Protocol’s scalable blockchain network, which represents a developer-friendly platform for decentralized apps. NEAR tokens are used to pay network fees. They can also be staked to improve network security.

Although NEAR can be compared to other platforms, such as Amazon Web Services and Microsoft Azure, it has a unique advantage. Thanks to the distributed number of validators, the network is protected without a single point of failure.

This prevents hacking and data loss and eliminates other common shortcomings in most centrally managed cloud platforms. The primary purpose of the NEAR protocol is to enable users to regain control over their assets, data, and control.

Best USDC and NEAR Cryptocurrency Exchange Platforms Without Mandatory Registration

If you are dealing with USDC and NEAR, you are probably interested in their profitable, safe, anonymous exchange. There are several reliable platforms where you can exchange cryptocurrencies without registration:

  1. LetsExchange. This is a universal service for exchanging cryptocurrencies without registration, restrictions, or any difficulties. The site supports about 4000 coins and 80+ fiat currencies, so everyone can get a good deal. The exchange process is as clean and transparent as possible. The client can request a receipt with full information on the transaction;
  2. Bybit. This is another convenient crypto exchange service on the market since 2018. The advantage of the platform is that it offers clients good investment opportunities. Thus, classic cryptocurrency trading, staking, Defi, AirDrop, NFt, etc., are available there. Various promotions and bonuses allow customers to receive good benefits from the use of the services offered;
  3. Changelly. This is a well-known instant crypto exchange platform registered in Hong Kong. The service calculates the optimal tariff for the user based on a number of factors (for example, the current market situation, etc.). The advantage of Changelly is the presence of an official mobile application. You can freeze the exchange rate for the entire transaction duration using it.


USDC and NEAR are definitely worth the attention of those involved in digital asset transactions. They can bring good profit to the owner. But it is important to know where and when it is best to exchange these coins. The LetsExchange online platform deserves the most trust in this regard. It provides fast exchanges without any restrictions and guarantees the complete confidentiality of clients.