The world of gaming can be extremely congested. Every year hundreds of games are released onto the market, each with the promise of providing exceptional gameplay and an original experience. Unfortunately, games can also be extremely expensive. There is no wonder why, as game development companies spend years perfecting their games with the help of a dedicated team and so it is reasonable that they would expect to receive large profit margins for their hard work.

With so many games being so expensive, it can be almost impossible to know which games are worth purchasing. In an ideal world, you would be able to purchase the games yourself and test them, but unfortunately, that isn’t possible unless you make a tremendous amount of money.

For those of you that still want to know whether or not a game is worth buying, one of the best ways that you can determine a game’s worth is by reading reviews or watching videos about it. Unfortunately, a lot of the review websites that have gained popularity over the last few years simply are not reliable. This is because the sites usually operate on sponsorship and so are often biased or not true to their opinions.

This can be extremely frustrating, as dependable reviews are extremely important as you will be spending your own money based on the opinion of these review pages. We noticed the sheer amount of unreliable resources for game reviews so worry not, we have collected a list of our top 8 best gaming review sites that you can actually trust, and here they are.


Though this isn’t considered to be a dedicated game review site, it is hard to deny that you will find opinions more honest than the opinions that you can find on Reddit. There are hundreds of subreddits dedicated to the discussion of new releases and gameplay of beloved games. On Reddit, you can expect to not have any opinions filtered, as the people that post are usually anonymous or simply have no attachment to the company that has produced the game that they are reviewing.  These are also reviews by people who love gaming, so you know that the opinions that you are going to get are bound to be reliable and reflective of the experience of a gamer.


If you are looking for a truly reliable review site, then you need to head over to This site is great because it doesn’t just review the most popular game out there right now, it covers plenty of different genres and takes an in-depth look into whether or not these games are really worth buying. This site also has a reliable rating system that they take very seriously, which means that you are always promised to receive a reliable and trusted review.


Destructoid is one of the most popular game review sites out there. Not only do they talk about games that have already been released, but they also look into possible future releases and engage in in-depth discussions about what you can expect from these games. This site is also extremely reliable and you can expect to see at least a dozen new posts every day, which means they are really up to date with the world of gaming.


Meta Critic

As you can see by the name, this review site does not let games get off easily. If they find a slight problem with a game, meta critic does not simply move past it. This is refreshing as often when it comes to gaming sites, they will neglect to mention little issues that could make or break someone’s gaming experience.

Nintendo Life

If you are a Nintendo fan, then this is probably the best page for you. This review page is dedicated entirely to reviewing Nintendo games, so if these are the games that you play most frequently, then you will benefit from getting options from Nintendo light. Nintendo games receive constant content updates and changes to how they operate and this page is always there to share their opinions on these changes and analyze whether or not these changes were worth making.

Game Informer

This site comes from a very long-running magazine. Because magazines aren’t exactly that popular anymore, the company decided to move online. They still produce their much-loved content and will give news about upcoming games, as well as sharing their reviews on games that have already been released. The people that write their reviews are avid gamers who know what gamers look for when it comes to a new game, so their opinions are trusted by many in the community.

Game spot

This page is dedicated to sharing recent news about some of the games you already love, as well as the games that they know that you are going to love. This site is quite small and is run by people who truly care about gaming. They are very honest with their reviews, so if you are looking for transparency then you need to look no further.

The Review bros

One of the more relaxed and less professional review sites on this list is the review bros. This site was made for people who love games by a group of friends that have spent their entire lives gaming. Don’t expect complex reviews, but expect honesty.