It won’t be wrong to compare IP addresses with your mailing addresses. Why? 

Just like your latter, the former exposes your current location with all the activities you might be indulging in. This information is usually shared with internet service providers and can also be used by hackers and websites to know your whereabouts. 

Isn’t that scary? This is why many people prefer hiding their IP addresses when surfing the internet. They usually use specific proxies, such as proxy Korea, to hide their identity.

Read away to find the right solution for yourself as well. 

What is an IP? 

Let’s start from the basics. How will you define an IP address? 

To put it simply, this address is a numerical identifier for a network or device connected to the internet. It is a unique address that is often assigned by an internet service provider. The address can help you communicate over the internet. 

This address is your identity, but it’s safe to hide it. Why? Get an answer below. 

Why should you hide your IP? 

Online privacy is a huge issue in today’s world, so it is imperative to hide your IP so you can stay safe from hackers or unknown third parties. In addition, keeping your IP address a secret is imperative to: 

  • Prevent different websites from tracking your whereabouts and actions. Many modern websites have functionalities that make it easy for them to download your IP and then use your details to improve their user experiences. If you don’t want that to happen, prefer hiding your address. 
  • Hiding your IP using a proxy can help you access locked content due to geo-blocking. Many websites put limitations on their content, preventing people from certain countries from reviewing it. They do it for security purposes mostly, but you can bypass this restriction by changing your IP and appearing as someone else. 
  • Keeping your IP hidden saves you from marketers ready to track your preferences and habits. If you don’t want to reveal your habits, likes and dislikes to companies, this is a great way to prevent it. 
  • Your IP address can give away your approximate location. If that’s not what you want, use your fake IP instead of your original one. 

Hiding your IP

Here is some good news. There are many ways to hide your IP address without anyone knowing. So, if solution A doesn’t work, you can always opt for solution B. 

Use a proxy 

One of the most common ways of hiding an IP is by using a proxy. This software can help you hide your identity using a local proxy such as proxy Korea

You appear as someone else surfing the internet, making it easy for you to access websites that you previously couldn’t. A proxy server works as an intermediary between you and your destined website, ensuring smooth communication between the two. 

When using a proxy, ensure you know its price, speed, and overall performance. A small glitch can ruin your efforts and may expose your IP to the world. 

Get a VPN

VPNs or virtual private networks work quite like a proxy. When you connect to a VPN, your device appears to be connected to the same network as that of the virtual private networks. As a result, your own IP address stays hidden and private from websites that you visit. 

It is always wise to invest in a VPN with strong encryption and hide your identity from all types of websites and hackers. 

Use public WiFi

While this is a temporary method, it is often used by many to conceal their IP for some time. When you use public WiFi in a coffee shop, restaurant, or library, you automatically get transferred to the public network for as long as you are online. This strategy helps you keep your true IP some break. 

Utilize your mobile network

This is one of the fastest ways to keep your IP a secret. Whenever you switch to your mobile data, your IP will change, making your traffic difficult to trace. 

Which solution should you go for? 

When selecting the right approach to hide your IP, consider its cost and consequences. For example, when you use a mobile network to hide your IP,  you may exhaust your data plan and might also get a slow internet speed. A proxy or VPN may prove more economical if you can’t afford any of that. 

Setting up proxies can be a task. So, before you opt for it, ensure that you have the right technological knowledge on board. 

Similarly, make sure that your VPN is well-encrypted, or it will fail to do its job safely. 

These factors are imperative to consider for a smooth experience. 

Final takeaways

Have we convinced you to hide your IP address every time you are on the internet? If yes, choose an approach that best suits your requirements and get this done today.