There is just no broader conversation throughout the gaming world than what is better – a PC or a gaming console? All have their tastes, but views are slightly different depending on their likes and dislikes. Therefore, a final conclusion is difficult to come to. It’s not like anybody would say you’re wrong!
However, general standards have an immense effect on user knowledge and improve widely. No matter if you’re a fan of Xbox or a PlayStation fan, they’re going to influence you. And the computer falls on top in terms of all these attributes.

Yes, Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo developed famous products that revolutionized the industry. In addition, it’s impossible to say that they cannot compete with the computer. This is basically because the PC is a big player when you compare the overall functionality. So, you should consider this if you want to join iGaming or switch consoles.
In this article, we have discussed the reason on how computers are better than gaming consoles in the field of gaming.

The costly elephant cannot be overlooked. Irrespective of which console generation you buy, you would need to spend a few hundred dollars on Xbox One or PS4. This does not mention the most recent consoles released recently.

You may consider paying about $500 for those who are fortunate few who have their hands in PS5 or Xbox X. It’s a massive amount of money, particularly for an obsolete product when the latest Xbox or PlayStation comes in the market in a couple of years.
Sure, after you add-ons and work the game, PC ends up costing all about the same. However, from a personal machine, you get much more value for money because of its multipurpose. One minute you stroll across the online maps of GTA, and the next time you can perform your other work like doing projects.   

You can use the PC for games, but how useful it is to do other things, particularly if you work in an office or a student, it will always surprise you. It is clear that you cannot write a thesis on your PS5, but you can do that on your PC. So it is really great.
What distinguishes a Computer in a gaming point of view is its accessibility. While Microsoft and Sony are not Apple, they are flexible providers and don’t limit users in a basic operational system. Briefly, when you unpack and connect the box first, what you will see is the only thing that you will get.
This is cool because you’ve done your research and the graphics and system processors you are pleased with and all that it offers. But are you happy just because the gaming console you are using is the best among the bad bunch? The Xbox or PlayStation is unbelievably restrictive and is not suitable for gaming when compared with a computer.

For instance, a graphics card of a higher variant can be purchased and on your screen definition can be improved. Computer users can also add additional RAM, increase storage and system power to enhance the gaming experience simultaneously. You can open your machine and mount a custom GPU if you have knowledge about what you are doing.  
Unfortunately, neither upgrade with traditional gaming consoles is feasible because it is not the similar way wired like a computer. It is difficult to make changes in Xbox or PS4, and you can also damage it if you forcibly make some changes.  

PC Exclusives
PCs are special, which is a very good beginning. All know or met people who contend that this is not the case. Only Microsoft and Sony seem to be able to restrict their consoles compatibility. It is definitely not true since the PC includes a whole genre of latest games which are relatively exclusive to computers.
When did you play Crusader Kings or Disco Elysium on a gaming console for the last time? Never, as these games cannot be played on console. Titles deny that people do not want to play, however the figures for buying and engaging prove otherwise.  
PC games are exclusive and hence are of excellent quality.

Backward Compatibility
You have a PC game, and it’s a lifetime. Yeah, a physical disc must be bought or downloaded, similar to a console from the Valve Steam Platform. However, the parallels stop when console manufacturers install innovations in their products and services.
They label them as points of sale, but the truth is that the average gamer is a stumbling block. After all, because of the different OS, you’re going to have a standard title and maybe not on a PS4. All that is to persuade you to purchase a gaming unit that costs more and hampers user experience in the longer term.

PCs are not that sly; they became common in the 1990s and early 2000s; they retained almost all of the same operating system. Indeed, different features and elements are there, but the framework is similar. For gamers, what does that mean? It means that any piece of the title you buy in your store or online, whether you retain or upgrade your old device for something better, can continue to play on your personal device.
Sony caught this trick only with the PS5, but PCs did so for decades.

Free Games
How to play without destroying video games? The only free play in town now that mobile devices are on the spot is to say PCs are the wrong way forward. In many ways, cells and smartphones deliver a UX that cannot be made, so the popularity of the titles is through the roof.

But computers have been and will continue to participate in the market for free games, which is something for admiring gaming fans. In reality, many of the most famous and most important games in the world are classified as free, so it’s fair to make them your choice. 
You wouldn’t have to pay another hundred, not with PCs free to play. However, if you like, the ubiquitous sales can provide you with the perfect opportunity to finish your favourites and make a deal.

Final Words
Finally, we can conclude that PCs are better than gaming consoles in many ways and are more preferred globally. So start playing PC games and have fun in your free time.