There are a lot of PC games that have a very brutal beginning and which can terrify you when you start playing them. Even though they have a brutal start, these games have a huge fan base among PC gamers. In this article, we have jotted down some of the best PC games which have a ruthless start and are also preferred by a lot of PC gamers. So read and find out.

Fallout 2
This game has one of the most brutal beginnings. You will have a stick with you, and you are just thrown naked in a hollow complex filled with giant scorpions and ants, and you must struggle through to show because of the resources you will have to play these games. All the stuff sucks. It’s a laughing, plodding, sparkling pain in your ass, but nothing about the story—it’s a separate chamber having no relations with tutorial-slashing torture. But you must control it if you wish to play the game. The beginning of this game can horrify you and can give you goosebumps.

Long Dark 
Launching Long Dark at Interlopers difficulty in a new Style Survival game is the most aggressive start you can imagine. You are lying at the massive height of the snowstorm in the center of a Canadian wilderness, typically with no space for clothes. Occasionally shoeless, too. You cannot start with much of anything useful moreover must ride a few kilometers in the snow to gain matches – they are super unique. Instead, you inevitably lump with a lup, as though you can not even detect the sun, that will do little good.

And with the rareness of the tool hidden, you will have to go forging before you even chop any goddamn firewood. Also, wolves are aggressively searching you around the map with this difficulty, and they wouldn’t consider that you just spawned. You will have a better-forged shield if they scent you.
This is a rough game, honestly. Any of the regular games do not use nonsense seen inside this game. It is unflinching, as an enjoyable survival game. And you appear to prevail over nature. Thirsty, hungry, and maybe near to death. You are fortunate if a blizzard is not around you when you desperately stumble between the trees looking for something that can assist you. As light fades and wolves escalate, you understand that this world isn’t possibly long. It’s a success on the opening night.

Final Fantasy 13
Final Fantasy season 13 is among the awful recipes of any PC game you must have played. I mean by introduction, like, the first fifteen minutes. I hear that everything is good, but after a sheer misery I listened to the 13 characters talk for the initial half of the Final Fantasy, I fell away, and I never came to the “bonus” section. Final Fantasy season 13 is a huge mistake—the plot is a soft mess of real nouns, disguised as global building, voice, and dialogue action, and the bulk of this game goes down fading corridors. However, its most significant offense – which makes the introduction so brutal – fails to allow you to engage in its excellent combat method.

Combat is enjoyable in this game! When there is a full band, it is delightful. What Final Fantasy season 13 is doing for the very first half? Divide the party continuously into smaller parties. It’s like offering somebody a spoonful of peanut butter & jelly, rip it halfway, and force them to consume the peanut and jelly bread slice separately. It’s like giving someone an edge—what rubbish.

Elder Scrolls
In Elder Scrolls, with the help of the teeth skin, you can survive the first dungeon, but in Daggerfall, you will have no luck. You can barely survive the killing of the bats and rats in Privateer’s Hold’s tutorial dungeons; then you can get badly hit by the imp. You will not feel any damage as only steel arms can hurt them. You will then get targeted by a very dangerous grizzly bear as you try to rest to get your health back.
You can race away and fall into the trap of an archer, jumping into the room to avoid the arrows. And that is how you can discover the flaw, which lets arrows travel through doors.

The beginning of Oblivion is very dull, so slightly peaceful, brown, and very sticky. I left the game before ever getting out when I played the game for the first time. I figured it was stank. I believed it stank. A couple of months passed, I tried it one more time and loved the game as one of my most famous RPGs. But the lengthy repetitive opening dungeon was a harsh offset than any powerful enemy that kicks new players.

I don’t think you have ever played a brutal game (at least without using mods). BattleTech had been relatively tricky before. Your initial tutorial job begins easily but becomes much more complicated quickly. As soon as the game commences, you are pilots unusually green that they have a chance on the big side of the dropship. They are mostly faced with a few dodgy, tiny mechs.

Metal Mutant
Older games could be very violent in general from the beginning. For me, Metal Mutant is one of the brutal games that you can play. The initial few screens were already difficult to get past, but the fun started for about 5 minutes. I don’t know if anyone has ever finished the game.
Many different games, of course, nicknamed you from starting, but this is due to the shock you were in or had some simple moving controls to master. All the players of POP 2, I hope to know what I’m talking about. 

These are some of the PC games that have a very brutal beginning and can give you goosebumps. So get these games installed on your PC and start playing them and enjoy the thrill of the game.